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The Norwegian Nudging Network

The northernmost venue for Nudging and Behavioral Insights enthusiasts

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“Nudge for good” – R. Thaler


Learn more about the composition of our Network: our research affiliates, the organizations we proudly work with and get acquainted with our dedicated team.


Learn more about Nudging and the use of Behavioral Economics in Europe, and engage yourself in developing them in Norway through our network.


Connect with NNN on Twitter and stay tuned on our regular updates concerning the Nudging community in Norway and abraod


Read through a summary of the latest research projects in Norway, describing the ideas and methodology behind the study, and see the results for yourself!


We encourage you to reach out to us and share your interest and support in our networking project: questions and suggestion are welcome and appreciated!


Explore some useful resources and make yourself acquainted with a literature selection and the Nudging community worldwide. Here you may find the link to the European Nudge database (TEN)

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