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Below is listed a collection of Nudging and Behavioral Insights projects undertaken in Norway.

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A good meal

A partnership between GreeNudge and Nordic Choice Hotels led to implementing a nudging experiment meant to tackle food waste and retaining customer satisfaction by decreasing the default buffet plates size.

Paper reference: Kallbekken, S., & Sælen, H. (2013). ‘Nudging’hotel guests to reduce food waste as a win–win environmental measure. Economics Letters, 119(3), 325-327.

Triple win tumblers

GreeNudge partnered up with Elkjøp to increase energy-efficient tumblers sale, by adding efficiency labels next to the European energetic classification label: the 5% sale increase of efficient appliances turned out to help the environment (CO2 emission reduction) and the customers themselves, saving them money on the long term from their electricity bills.

Paper reference: Kallbekken et al. (2012), Bridging the Energy Efficiency Gap: A Field Experiment on Lifetime Energy Costs and Household Appliances, Journal of Consumer Policy

You've got mail

A randomised field experiment on tax evasion, undertaken The Choice Lab at the Norwegian School of Economics, found out that including a moral appeal message shortly before the tax reporting deadline, doubled active foreign tax reporting among 18000 taxpayers.

Article reference: Bott, K., Cappelen, A.W., Sørensen, E.Ø. & Tungodden, B. (2014). You’ve got mail: A randomised field experiment on tax evasion. NHH Norwegian School of Economics.